Strategic Brand Design & Marketing

Unlock unlimited growth in your business and professional career with this 12 week certificate program in branding, design, and marketing.

What You Will Learn:

The certificate program in Strategic Brand Design & Marketing offers a comprehensive understanding of the brand-building process, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to create and manage successful brands. This program covers various aspects of strategic brand design and marketing, preparing you for diverse professional settings.

The primary goal is to help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the brand-building process, including analyzing customer insights to better understand target audience needs and preferences. You will learn brand fundamentals, positioning, communication, implementation, and management to create brands that resonate with customers and outperform the competition.

You will explore the creative aspects of brand design, crafting compelling visual identities, digital designs, and marketing materials that effectively convey a brand’s unique message and value proposition.

The program also emphasizes strategic thinking and adaptability, as it is crucial for brands to evolve and adapt to remain relevant in changing markets and consumer preferences.

Why You Need This Now:

In today’s competitive business landscape, the ability to create and maintain a strong brand presence has become more important than ever. Learning strategic brand design and marketing not only enables professionals to create and design more effective brands, but also enhances their personal growth and career advancement opportunities.

By understanding the nuances of brand strategy and design, professionals can develop campaigns that resonate with the target audience, leading to increased engagement, customer loyalty, and ultimately, higher revenue. This, in turn, contributes to the long-term success and growth of a business.

The skills and insights gained through the Strategic Brand Design program can be applied across industries, making graduates valuable assets to any organization seeking to build or maintain a strong brand presence. Graduates will be well-equipped to work in advertising agencies, marketing departments, design studios, or even launch their own businesses.

Bonus A.I. Case Study and Prompt Library

The AI technology-driven case study, frameworks, and prompt library included in the Strategic Brand Design program offers you a hands-on learning experience, demonstrating the benefits of using AI in real-world branding and marketing scenarios.

You will experience the power of AI in enhancing the creative process, from generating design ideas to crafting compelling messaging. By participating in this AI case study, you will develop a deeper understanding of AI’s practical applications in branding, design, and marketing, preparing them for future career success.

Course Curriculum

Brand Fundamentals:

  • Branding Basics

  • The Power of Branding

  • Maintaining Positive Brand Status

  • When to Start Branding

  • The Branding & Creative Team

Brand Foundation:

  • Auditing a Brand

  • Defining the Brand Purpose

  • Defining the Brand Mission

  • Defining the Brand Vision

  • Defining the Brand Values

Brand Positioning:

  • Audience Targeting

  • Auditing The Competition

  • Brand Naming

  • Communicating Brand Personality

  • Crafting The Perfect Brand Tagline

  • Finding A Brand Voice

  • Brand Positioning

Brand Design:

  • The Importance of Great Design

  • What is Visual Identity

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Colors

  • Brand Typography

  • Brand Graphics & Style

  • Brand Guidelines

Brand Building:

  • Brand Touchpoints

  • Writing a Creative Brief

  • Print Design vs Digital Design

  • The Best Design Process

  • Web Page Layout

  • Wireframes & Content Hierarchy

  • Web Page Design

  • Website Architecture

  • Websites Development

Brand Management:

  • Managing Brand Assets

  • Review, Report, and Refresh

  • Staying Relevant

A.I. Brand Design

  • AI Generative Brand Foundation

  • AI Generative Brand Positioning

  • AI Generative Brand Design

  • AI Generative Brand Marketing

Included With The Program

Brand Designer Academy students will not only acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to design and build exceptional brands, but they will also receive an extensive collection of step-by-step frameworks, action guides, and course books. These invaluable resources streamline the brand building and design process, enabling students to approach their projects with greater efficiency and confidence.

  • Live Coaching Sessions

  • Brand Designer Academy Course book

  • Assignment Workbook

  • 50+ Video Training Modules

  • AI Brand Builder Framework & Case Study

  • AI Brand Builder Prompt Library

  • Brand Audit & Framework Guide

  • Brand Personality Assessment

  • Visual Brand Identity Assessment

  • Consumer Experience Touchpoint Audit

  • Brand Strategy SWOT Analysis

  • Brand Strategy Rebrand Assessment

  • Customer to Brand Relationship Assessment

  • Brand Purpose Assessment & Framework

  • Brand Vision Assessment & Framework

  • Brand Mission Assessment & Framework

  • Brand Values Assessment & Framework

  • Target Audience Framework

  • Customer Characterization Type Assessment

  • Competitor Audit Framework

  • Brand Personality Assessment & Framework

  • Brand Tagline Framework

  • Brand Voice Assessment & Framework

  • Brand Positioning Assessment

  • Unique Selling Proposition Framework

  • Brand Positioning Statement Framework

  • Logo Design Framework

  • Brand Color Framework

  • Brand Typography Framework

  • Brand Guidelines Framework

  • Consumer Brand Touchpoint Assessment

  • Creative Brief Framework

  • Design Process Framework

  • Web Page Layout & Content Framework

  • Web Page Wireframe & Design Framework

  • Website Architecture & Sitemap Framework

  • Website Development Best Practice Guidelines

  • Lifetime Access to All Content

  • Completion Certificate

Who Should Enroll

The Strategic Brand Design program is ideal for designers, marketers, business leaders, and agencies seeking to enhance their skills in brand creation, design, and management. Focusing on strategic thinking, adaptability, and creativity, this program helps individuals elevate their professional careers, ensuring personal and business growth, success, and longevity in the competitive world of branding and design.

Business Growth Leaders

Marketing Directors

Creative Directors

Branding Managers

Communication Professionals

Business Growth Leaders

Enrollment Options

Unlock your full potential with Brand Designer Academy.

The introductory program for anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of building, designing, and marketing a personal or business brand.

7 Day Bootcamp


Daily Video Training Modules

Brand Bootcamp Course Book

Brand Building Frameworks

Daily Action Guides

Lifetime Access

For designers, marketers, brand managers, and business professionals who want to build their skill set, attract top level clients, and become a more valuable asset.

12 Week Workshop


Brand Designer Academy 12 Week Program

Brand Designer Academy Course Book

Assignment Workbook

50+ Video Training Modules

40+ Brand Building Frameworks

Live Coaching Sessions

AI Generative Brand Framework

AI Generative Brand Case Study

AI Generative Brand Prompt Library

Lifetime Access

Completion Certificate

For businesses that need a certified consultant to train their teams to design, build, and manage their brands using proven brand strategy frameworks, and design fundamentals.

6 Week Consultancy


Live Weekly Team Advisory Sessions

3 Enrollments to Brand Designer Academy

3 Brand Designer Academy Course Books

3 Assignment Workbooks

50+ Video Training Modules

40+ Brand Building Frameworks

AI Generative Brand Framework

AI Generative Brand Case Study

AI Generative Brand Prompt Library

Archive of all Video Consulting Calls

Weekly Assignments, Actions, and Assessments

Lifetime Access

Team Completion Certificates


I’m not asking you to decide yes or no today… I’m asking you to make a fully informed decision, that is all. The only way you can make a fully informed decision is on the inside, not the outside. So enroll today, get inside and see if everything I provide is valuable to you. Then, after 14 days of working with me, you can decide to stay or leave the program. If it’s not for you, no hard feelings. Simply send back your completed course materials and you will be 100% reimbursed. It’s as simple as this: Show up, do the work, and your investment is guaranteed.

Please note: While the Brand Designer Academy provides comprehensive training and a certificate of completion, this course is not accredited by any educational institution or agency, and does not confer academic credits.

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